The First

Dear Uncle Sam,

                            I’ve had it, you’re fired!

Your excuses and rants are long over-tired.

Pay yourself first and screw over our soldiers

Then offer a pat to yourself on the shoulders?!

What have you done to the land that I love?

You gave our amendments a cliff-hanger shove.

The right to assemble is gagged by permits

And the right to bear arms is headed for quits.

Searching of homes kills our fur-kin

And appeals of wrong entry go to the bin.

Get ready, set, bail. What can you afford?

Innocent ’till proven, yet locked with ill-horde.

You set the limits on a president’s term

Yet keep your own seat until you’re infirm.

What can I do? I hold but one vote

A flick of your tongue could see overwrote.

My trust, hope and faith are loosing their place

‘Cause the red, white and blue has on a neck brace.

I send you these words with a heart that’s sincere,

A sentiment you would belittle and smear.

It may all mean nothing at the end of the day,

But while I still have the First, I still have my say.



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