Life Story

Life is full of challenges

Some big and some small

We try to sway past obstacles

But we can’t see them all.


They say life’s all ‘bout choices

But it’s also mostly chance.

How do you meet prince charming

If they never hold a dance?


We take what we are given

And we spin it to a tale

Making up our story

Explaining why we fail.


But what if all our failures

Are really just plot twists?

What if each discomfort

Is a lesson we have missed?



Darkness echoes out the light

But I won’t give in to night

‘cause I am ever shining bright!

I thrive, I thrive.


Sometimes I lose myself to fear

Forget the need to hold ME dear

But there is not an ending here

Because I thrive! I thrive…


Constant standing strong alone

Leaves me coping on my own

Pressing, breaking, weight unknown

I survive. I survive.


Here surrounded by claimed friends

Who know nothing of my ends

My long Iron willing bends

I’m tired. So tired…


At last asked support is strong

Hands I’ve had there all along

They bring back my happy song

And I thrive! I Thrive.

Through Life’s Lense

I see beauty on my street,

A place not for the rich.

Blue sky above my head.

Green grass below my feet.

Picture perfect? No.

But beauty can be found.

A garden in a pot.

A comfy, sturdy chair.

A road that’s freshly paved.

Sure, there’s ugly too

But I ought not complain.

Distain has no place here,

I have all I need.

A good friend.

A good book.

A life I’m meant to live.