The Lobby

Is it any wonder that my heart is breaking

when my health is ripe for society’s taking?

When everything goes from okay to sad

and every attempt to get better goes bad?

I’m tired of pain and half-living life.

I’m tired of feeling frustration and strife.

Food makes you sick, but insurance is free!

Don’t like it? You’re crazy! Go on, let it be.

We poison the air and poison our skin.

We poison the water we drink and swim in.

Fertility’s down, but profit’s sky-high!

It won’t even matter how many more die.

Stop asking questions, just shut up and vote.

When did the minimum become all-she-wrote?

Did “We The People” give up and sit down,

And divide our rights based on who lives downtown?

The tired poor masses have never been funny.

That is, unless, you ooze corporate money.

Who’s left to protect us from the high one percent

Who buys and sells candidates with hearty consent?

Our champions sold to the pharmacy bidder.

The same champions make laws for us to consider.


Is it any wonder that my heart is breaking

when the trust that I have for my country is shaking?

Yes, I still live in the land of the free,

but only for some, and that “some” is not me.


What I Am Up To

I know, I know, it is really late in the day and I should have posted much sooner. But wait until you hear about what I spent my day doing (then you might forgive my flakeyness). Since it is summertime, my good pal Kristin Swartfager is out of school (she works at a preschool), at which point she switches hats from teaching young-ins to illustrating and arting up the place.



I knew you would be. Here is a taste:

Yarn for title page

Yup. It’s a ball of yarn. This is one of many adorably irresistible images that will appear in our first collaboration, Timmy Tommy Tum. It is a picture book with a rhyming story about a human-like kitten who refuses to go to sleep. Yes, it is for children.

The reason (and my excuse) for being so un-bloggy today is because Kristin and I spent the day refining our work. You will see the results of our cooperation very soon.  Until then, bask in the cuteness of the characters she drew to represent us in all of the books (yes, there will be several more to come) we do together specifically for kids.

KS&AL (1)In other news, my webpage got an update. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

I will give you updates as our happy partnership produces more awesomeness. Until then, Happy reading!


Throwback Tuesday

I know the whole throwback concept is typically on Thursdays, but I don’t blog on Thursdays, so you get it today.

My husband’s mamma was going through some pictures (she scrapbooks all summer long. It’s a picture-palooza) and came across the pic she took of me at my very first book signing. I thought I would share the warm and fuzzy feeling with my readers.


book signing


I hope this is the beginning of a long series of book signings and speaking engagements. Soon this table will be full of my finely crafted tales.

Happy writing!

Noble Mother

God and country!

Heart, be damned.

Noble entry

Safely planned.


A girl, a lass

Placement sure.

Her family use?

Graced allure.


On her shoulders

Lines of Kings.

Promise forced from

Father, stings.


A fine estate,

Lavish clothes,

Payment for the

Son she owes.


At first a girl,

Oh! The shame!

Courtiers whisper

Hurtful blame.


Another girl,

then one more.

The sovereign lord

Keeping score.


At last! A boy,

Saints be praised!

Husband’s esteem

slightly raised.


She sees her son

Rise to king.

Her daughters made

Some man’s queen.


Her task complete,

Laid to rest.

Bronze emblazoned

‘Cross her chest.


Dutiful Child,

Worthy Wife.

Legacy left

From her life.