Let’s Get Serious

As you know, I have been working towards making a living as a writer. To do this, I have come to accept the fact that I must have web presence, social media, and a professional look. With my second book on the horizon, it’s time to get serious and start really promoting myself. This week has been all about that.

I got in touch with an artist friend of mine, K. Swartfager at Nitsirk’s Grotto, and commissioned the cover for Fayling. She was also gracious enough to do a sketch of me, which I am using on my webpage and business cards. I decided to design a custom card. I’m hoping it is a bit more memorable, plus it never hurts to be unique.

My business card
My business card

I already had a facebook account, but I have not been present on twitter. At the urging of another author friend, I got an account. Surprisingly, I’m having fun with that.

But the big reveal, and the professional edge I am most excited to announce, is my new webpage, authoralsant.com. Click the pic below to visit my page.

webpage screenshot

What are you working on, reader? Tell me in the comments below.

Happy writing!

Change of Pace

This week I rode the train to visit my brother. My schedule lately has been pretty hectic, and I haven’t had much time to sit and relax. When the opportunity to take a break presented itself, I jumped on board. The first two hour train ride was extremely relaxing, and I saw lovely landscapes along the way. Switching trains was a little overwhelming; the train station where I swapped is a hub for several different lines. But with the help of a friendly random passerby, I found the train I was supposed to be on, and made my way safely to my brother’s house. We didn’t do anything particularly special, but it was wonderful to visit, and the change of scenery inspired some writing. Today I head home (as of writing this post I am still at his house), and I take my inspiration with me. It’s funny, but even the smallest change of pace can stir the imaginative writer in me. I wrote an entire chapter while everyone else here was sleeping yesterday morning. I am happy to report that Fayling is roughly half done, and I am aiming at a summer release.

So my point today (if I really have one) is to encourage you to take a trip, even if it is only for the day. You never know when some tiny little change is going to inspire you. Life is so full of possibility, isn’t it?

Anyway, have a great weekend, and happy writing!

Through Life’s Lense

I see beauty on my street,

A place not for the rich.

Blue sky above my head.

Green grass below my feet.

Picture perfect? No.

But beauty can be found.

A garden in a pot.

A comfy, sturdy chair.

A road that’s freshly paved.

Sure, there’s ugly too

But I ought not complain.

Distain has no place here,

I have all I need.

A good friend.

A good book.

A life I’m meant to live.

April M. Reign

radio graphic

Today I would like to share a radio blog interview of a new acquaintance of mine, April M. Reign. If you have not heard about her yet, you will. She is an extremely prolific writer, and she offers great advice that has already helped me focus and produce work I can be proud of. The best part: She is completely self-published, and an Amazon Bestseller. So when I say she has great advice, I say so based on her impressive resume as well as personal experience.

Around the 28 minute mark in the interview she starts talking about her upcoming free info sharing programs (such as webinars) that will help new and inspiring authors through the entire publishing process. When I hear more from her about that, I will definitely share it with you, and I’m sure it will pop up on her website.

Click on the radio bar image above to listen to the interview (you will be taken to another webpage).

If you are interested in reading any of her work (and you should be) you can go to her website at:



click on the picture below to go to her Amazon page to see a list of her available books.

April's book

Use of image graciously permitted by April M. Reign

With Certainty

What is life

but an unending march

toward certain death?

The driving will

to achieve a mark

on the tapestry

of time

draped over this

wobbling rock

floating in nothingness

means little,

if the blossom

of new life

is not sprung

from the body

of the achiever.

When death is fact,

and life is short,

what point is it

if there is no soul

for whom to leave

your wedge

of the fruit

of your labor?

with no guarantee

that the mind

holds ghostly form,

one must strive

to nurture goodness

in the next mind

to wander this rock

so that each

new pass

of this crust

past a sun

brings better


more perfect beings.

This I know

with certainty.

So then what meaning

has this simple form,

this sad shell

that wears my face,

who is incapable of

begetting a new life?

Judie Mare, Poetically Incorrect

Here we are again, and I have yet another writer to throw in the pile of awesomeness. For my poetry loving reader, I introduce Judie Mare, and her new book Poetically Incorrect, available on Amazon.com (click the picture below) If you recall, a few weeks ago I talked about  a friend I was helping  navigate the world of CreateSpace. I am by no means an expert, but it turned out pretty cool. Judie is a talented wordsmith, and I encourage you to pick up a copy, if you are poetically oriented.

judie's cover copy