More Glass Than Wall

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I’m very happy to announce a dear friend’s accomplishment; More Glass Than Wall, the second book of poetry by Judie Mare. This is an amazing journey across the globe, one poem at a time. It is in full color, and is filled with vibrant photos of Mare’s travels. Ever been to Chitchen Itza? Or England? How about Egypt? I had the enormous pleasure of helping with the formatting on this book. It felt as if I had traveled alongside her, though I have never stepped foot outside the USA, and I don’t even have a passport.

If you click on the image above, it will lead you to if you are interested in purchasing it. Before you get sticker shock, be aware that this book is an 8×10 (so not a normal sized paperback) and is in full color. Printing costs on color books are significantly more expensive than black and white. That being said, the book is listed at $21.00.  I encourage you to take a peek inside. Once you get a glimpse, I know you will love it as much as I do.

On a side note, Timmy Tommy Tum is getting it’s final polish and I will be announcing the release soon.

Until then, happy reading!

Judie Mare, Poetically Incorrect

Here we are again, and I have yet another writer to throw in the pile of awesomeness. For my poetry loving reader, I introduce Judie Mare, and her new book Poetically Incorrect, available on (click the picture below) If you recall, a few weeks ago I talked about  a friend I was helping  navigate the world of CreateSpace. I am by no means an expert, but it turned out pretty cool. Judie is a talented wordsmith, and I encourage you to pick up a copy, if you are poetically oriented.

judie's cover copy