The Lobby

Is it any wonder that my heart is breaking

when my health is ripe for society’s taking?

When everything goes from okay to sad

and every attempt to get better goes bad?

I’m tired of pain and half-living life.

I’m tired of feeling frustration and strife.

Food makes you sick, but insurance is free!

Don’t like it? You’re crazy! Go on, let it be.

We poison the air and poison our skin.

We poison the water we drink and swim in.

Fertility’s down, but profit’s sky-high!

It won’t even matter how many more die.

Stop asking questions, just shut up and vote.

When did the minimum become all-she-wrote?

Did “We The People” give up and sit down,

And divide our rights based on who lives downtown?

The tired poor masses have never been funny.

That is, unless, you ooze corporate money.

Who’s left to protect us from the high one percent

Who buys and sells candidates with hearty consent?

Our champions sold to the pharmacy bidder.

The same champions make laws for us to consider.


Is it any wonder that my heart is breaking

when the trust that I have for my country is shaking?

Yes, I still live in the land of the free,

but only for some, and that “some” is not me.


No Peeking


Sturdy lock

Ticky tock

Stuck under a pretty rock


I don’t know it

I don’t see it

I don’t care much to believe it


Without question

Without thought

Not a notion to be bought


Top-hat creepers

Bottom feeders

Welcome little govern peepers


Close your eyes

Close your ears

Listen closely to your fears


You can see them

You can feel them

You can hardly double deal them


Doesn’t matter

Pitter patter

Don’t you dare walk under ladder


They don’t own you

Just your venue

Paint you over as a loose screw


Fall in line

Double time

Pay your taxes, drink your wine


Sheepy sheepy

Getting sleepy?

Don’t you go and get all weepy


Mental thaw

It’s the law

Courts in session, blah blah blah