While I Was Napping

First, I would like to apologize to you, reader, for having missed several posts. I have not been feeling well, and getting in front of your computer to write something is hard when you are miserable. Be that as it may, I don’t like long silences from my favorite authors, so I feel I owe you an apology for that. So, I am sorry.

As I’m sure you have already guessed, my untimely illness put me behind on Fayling by a couple weeks. I am going to do my best to make up for lost time, however this may push publication to mid-late summer, rather than early summer as I had hoped. But have no fear, reader. I will finish Fayling. I have already outlined a fair bit of book 2, so I am not losing focus.

On another note, when I am ill I tend to lay on the couch and catch up on series on Netflix. This gives me the opportunity to suggest good things to watch. The first one on my list is The 100. This series surprised me. The synopsis did not make it sound as interesting as it is, but I wasn’t going anywhere so I gave the pilot episode a try. Wow! Pretty awesome stuff. I liked it so much that when I watched the end of season one, I went hunting for information on season 2. I found that amazon has the entire second season available to watch instantly in HD for $24.99.I got it, watched it, and now am waiting impatiently for the CW to release season 3. If you like space stuff, doomsday stuff, or just plain drama, you will enjoy this sci-fi series.

I must have been in a sci-fi sort of mood this week, because I watched another series called Star-crossed. It is about aliens who crash laded on earth, and are being treated badly by the humans. It was also a very interesting series, and I do recommend it- but there is a catch: This series was canceled after the season finale, so there is no season 2, and it ends in a place that makes you want to egg the people who made that decision. Watch at your own risk.

On a less space-based note, I watched season two of The Fosters. This show is about a lesbian couple who have adopted, and are trying to adopt, a bunch of kids. I love this show. I was super excited they put season two on Netflix, and I can’t wait for season 3. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend it, but only if you have an open mind.

There is a new Netflix original series (btw, I ❤ you Netflix for your original productions) called Grace and Frankie about two women who have their husbands leave them for one another (as in gay). Interestingly, this story tells about the emotion on every side of the coming out of a closeted gay couple. We see the wives reaction, the kid’s reaction, the community’s reaction, and the couple themselves. Again, watch only if you are open minded.

Another Netflix original series is Daredevil. This had a strong beginning, but my interest tapered off. I like superhero stuff, but I don’t really like the nity-gritty dark ones. (I did not like the batman reboot) So while this is a great series, it did not play to my tastes. I leave opinion on this one up to you.

I watched a few movies as well. The first was Auomata, staring Antonio Banderas. The movie was well put together, the acting was stellar, and the effects were great. The story itself however, meh. I didn’t like the message. I don’t really recommend this one.

Based on watching that, Netflix suggested The Machine (2013). This movie was really good, and made me cry a lot. I strongly recommend it.

What have you been watching?


Authors to Read

Today I would like to talk about two authors I know that have greatly inspired me. I think you might enjoy their work, too.

In my Monday writing group is an extremely talented Sci-Fi author named John Kelly. My personal favorite s is a collection of linked short stories, titled Stuck Here. In most of the stories it follows an alien stuck on earth until the world progresses enough to replace a broken space ship part.  At just under 200 pages I read most of it in one sitting. Admittedly I couldn’t put it down, even though half of the stories I had already had the pleasure of reading in group.  It can be purchased for your e reader at the low price of $0.99, or you can buy a paperback copy (which I did) at $7.65 HERE. You’ll be glad you did.

The second author I would like to share with you, reader, is Bob White.  He writes Police procedural books. I admit, I do not typically like crime thriller novels-But Bob’s writing style is so flawless that I am always riveted from the first paragraph through to the last captivating page. He already has something of a following, but just in case you are not aware of his genius, you can find his work on amazon HERE. Most of his books sell for the e reader at $2.99, or you can order paperbacks.

Not only are these two authors fantastic writers, they are awesome people. I look up to both of them, and greatly value their feedback each week on my own work. This is my way of giving them a salute, and offering my thanks for helping me believe in my own talents.

For those of you who dream of writing, I (again) urge you to find a local writing group. It honestly will help you become the best writer that you can be. Bonus, You get to rub shoulders with some pretty amazing and talented like-minded individuals.