The Calm Before…

So I’ve been rather quiet lately. I’m sure you thought I forgot about you.


I have been writing and editing and creating up a storm. Soon, very very soon, I will be publishing a collection of poetry I am in the final stages of editing and putting together. I often talk on here about project that go unfinished, or take longer than expected, so this time I waited until I was certain this would see the light of day before I mentioned it, thus the radio silence.


I’m not telling you the name or the content, because I will reveal all when it is in the proof stage. But to give you a slight peek, here is a picture I took in Venice Beach that is incorporated into my overall cover design. Cheers!



A Tapestry of Verse

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to announce that the day is finally here: The word Weavers Guild has published our collected works, A Tapestry of Verse, available for purchase in paperback on (e-reader version should be available in a day or two) I am the third poet in the book under my real-world name, Ashley Sant.

A Tapestry of Verse
A Tapestry of Verse

I have enjoyed putting this collection together, and I have come to greatly admire and appreciate my fellow poets. I hope you enjoy their creativity as much as I do.