Nanowrimo update #1


Just to touch base, I am chugging away at Go Bite Yourself. Im not really able to keep you up to date on my work count at this point, because most of my writing is being done in a notebook by hand while I’m on my daily commute. I will type it and imputed it to the page before the month is through. hopefully several times, but let’s keep our expectations realistic here people.


In the mean time,  enjoy this sample cover I made while procrastinating. Interested in reading it yet?


Yup, its that time again. Nanowrimo 2016. I’ve follow along and encourage friends to do this in previous years, and enjoy hearing people completed their work. This year, I’m taking up the challenge myself.

For this 50,000 word endevor, I am writing a new book titled Go Bite Yourself.

Here is the blurb based on my starting concept:

Hamlin T. Barrow wakes up dead. not, you know, DEAD dead, but UNdead. Without any kind of guidance, he blunders through keeping in touch with family, trying not to eat every delicious smelling jogger he passes, and figuring out how to cure his vampiric infection.

Here is a small taste of the opening chapter:

Dead people stink. I mean, the living don’t always smell like sunshine and daisies either, but the dead smell particularly pungent. Especially the undead. The breath of a hungry vampire can peel automotive paint. So when one gets close enough to, say, unleash a roar of uncontrolled rage directly into your face, you nose mouth and eyes get hit with a wave of sulfur-infused-tooth-rot-halitosis of the otherworldly variety.


I should probably be afraid for my life. This guy is stronger, faster, and deader than me. Age seems to matter to these guys a lot. But the thing is, I already died once, and that worked out pretty much okay. When you get up and walk away from what I did, death threats really just don’t carry the weight they used to.


Wish me luck, reader!!! I’m going to go make some tea….


Keeping At It

Here we are, 6 days into my personal poetry challenge. When I first decided to create a book of 150 poems in 90 days, I thought easy as pie. I’m always writing something. I’ve totally got this!

But around day 3, I realized what a big commitment writing 1.66 poems a day is. Seems like nothing, but miss a day and you fall behind. First of all, being a writer is not my only responsibility. I have family that needs help sometimes, friends that want to hang out, and a household to maintain-not to mention I just moved, so I need to unpack. Plus there are about 6 different series that have posted new seasons to Netflix.

When day three came and went I only had 4 poems complete. My personal challenge was starting to look like an actual test of my will power and skill. I know I set this challenge for myself, and there is no penalty if I fail; however, I was serious when I made this plan. I intend to see it through.

Last night into early this morning (day 5) I had  some quite time. My husband and dog were sleeping, my friends and family rested in their own homes, and it was too late to be making noise. While I had this blessed worry free time, I sat down and really focused. Hours later -and well after my bedtime, I had completed 6 poems, bringing my total to 10- right about where I should be 5 days into the challenge.

I realize now that I have given myself a lofty goal, but you can be my witness: I will keep at it till the end.