Ode to the Artists

I am a big supporter of other writers and artists. I think it is really important as an indie writer to be part of the community. So in the spirit of that, I added a page to my website for artists to submit a JPEG image to me of something they created based on something I wrote- either from a book or from my blog.

Here is how to submit:

  • Send me a Jpeg of your work to author.al.sant@gmail.com
  • include your name
  • the title if the piece
  • the medium it was created in (digital art, clay, oil paints, etc…)
  • your web address for your own personal webpage, blog, or facebook. (optional)

I will not share your work anywhere besides my website. The artwork is still 100% yours. I just want to encourage networking. I will post the image on my art gallery page, and include a link to you.

Just so you know, I do reserve the right to refuse to post something, with or without reason or notice.  I posted some of my own digital artwork to make the page interesting until I get the word out about including other artists.

Click on the image below to go to the art page where your work could be displayed.

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Gnome Art Update

Lately I am searching the web to find project ideas, as well as coming up with some original plans to bring my Gnome garden to life. I have taken some creative licence with my version of gnomes. I decided that they are more like an american version of leprechauns, and are the size of fairies. This means that the little gnomes I create will be approximately 5-6 inches tall. Part of this decision was made because I like the idea of humans seeming gargantuan compared to them, and because this conveniently puts them at a scale to use dollhouse items. It also makes the idea of them riding on rabbits seem more plausible- a foot tall fairy would be to heavy for a rabbit, I would think.

On this note, I have fallen in love with Pintrest. I have found a wealth of ideas for my pictures by searching for fairy gardens. I am endlessly impressed with people’s DIY ideas.  Here is a picture of some of the supplies I have already purchased for my project. It is in no way a complete inventory, but it gives you an idea of where I am going with it. (and why I am so distracted lately by all the possibilities)

supply pic
A sampling of my Gnome garden making supplies.


In addition to what is pictured here, I have tons of polymer clay, felt fabric to make the gnome clothes, a flurry of Popsicle sticks, and various other  mediums to make items I didn’t buy (such as plates and tiny gnome doors).

There are a few things I need that I lack the funds for, which is partially where my Kickstarter project comes in (the other part is the actual publication). For example, I need realistic looking stuffed rabbits- which I have found online, but tend to be a tad expensive. If I knew how to make them myself I would be all over it; however, I am well aware of my limitations, and that is where my skills are lacking.

In the interest of showing you what I can do with these pictures once they are completed, I have a few samples below. Keep in mind I have not come to a firm decision on how the final project will look, but I promised you updates, and I shall not disappoint.

bird at garden party
I went for a bit of a watercolor effect, then added edges.
garden party
Another angle, also with watercolor effect.
great illistration sample
In this picture I created the drawing effect, and also changed the color a bit to make it look like a cold day.
presented as is
This picture is unedited. I used an angle that looks like we are spying on the gnomes.
special effects
This keeps the picture realistic, however I added a little special effect magic to give the lantern light.
working garden 2
In this picture I used a cutout effect, making the image much more simplistic and cartoon-like.
working garden
This is a 2nd sample of the cutout effect, also with an adjusted color balance.

As always, I would love to know your opinions. Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.


*Please note that these images are my intellectual property. I do not give anyone the right to use or copy them without written permission from me.