I am very pleased to announce that (After a few formatting hiccups) WonderLoss is published and ready for the world.

If you are interested in picking up a copy, or if you just want to check it out, click the image below.

Wonderloss Link




As promised, ladies and gents, now that my newest project is complete I can tell you about it.

Wonderloss cover shot


Allow me to introduce my latest collection of poetry, titled WonderLoss. In it I wrote poems about loss, love and generally all things emotional. For me it was an emotional release of the ups and downs my life has taken over the last year or so. The cover art is my own work. Hope you like it.

I have fully completed it, and am awaiting approval from CreateSpace in order to get my proof. I’ll make sure it isn’t riddled with tragic errors, and then I will officially publish it. Once I do that, I will make another announcement along with a link if you are interested in picking up a copy.


Until then, Happy reading.

Behind the Scenes

Below is an excerpt of my inner monologue. Don’t judge me.


AUTHOR: Jeremy, come back in the room. We aren’t done working on this chapter.

PROTAGONIST: No. I’m not talking to you.

AUTHOR: Seriously? You can’t leave the story without a resolution. Come back here. You are making me look bad.


AUTHOR: I’ll let you kiss Svetlina . . .


AUTHOR: Yes. I will totally let you make out with her. And she won’t try to kill you this time.

PROTAGONIST: You said that last time.

AUTHOR: I know, but this time I mean it.

PROTAGONIST: Do I get a cool sword?

AUTHOR: Totally.

PROTAGONIST: Why do I feel like there is a catch?

AUTHOR: Um. . .

PROTAGONIST: I KNEW IT! You are going to fuck up my life some more, aren’t you?

AUTHOR: Only for a little while. It gets better, I swear.

PROTAGONIST: I hate you.

AUTHOR: I know.

PROTAGONIST: You know you are insane, right?

AUTHOR: Probably.

PROTAGONIST: Okay. Fine. I will get back in this chapter, but you better make my sword badass. And no more making me look like an idiot.

AUTHOR: Riiight…. You will totally not look like a moron swing a sword wildly as the wolves converge on you. . .

PROTAGONIST: Goddamn it. I knew I shouldn’t trust you.



“I’m a writer. Therfore. I am not sane.”

– Edgar Allan Poe


Stabity Stabity

Stabity stabity, poke, swish.

I like to catch a gnome, delish!

Fry them up with tasty fish

Then serve ‘em in a plastic dish.


As dictated to A.L. Sant by London Silverlight.

Ode to the Artists

I am a big supporter of other writers and artists. I think it is really important as an indie writer to be part of the community. So in the spirit of that, I added a page to my website for artists to submit a JPEG image to me of something they created based on something I wrote- either from a book or from my blog.

Here is how to submit:

  • Send me a Jpeg of your work to author.al.sant@gmail.com
  • include your name
  • the title if the piece
  • the medium it was created in (digital art, clay, oil paints, etc…)
  • your web address for your own personal webpage, blog, or facebook. (optional)

I will not share your work anywhere besides my website. The artwork is still 100% yours. I just want to encourage networking. I will post the image on my art gallery page, and include a link to you.

Just so you know, I do reserve the right to refuse to post something, with or without reason or notice.  I posted some of my own digital artwork to make the page interesting until I get the word out about including other artists.

Click on the image below to go to the art page where your work could be displayed.

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