Ode to the Artists

I am a big supporter of other writers and artists. I think it is really important as an indie writer to be part of the community. So in the spirit of that, I added a page to my website for artists to submit a JPEG image to me of something they created based on something I wrote- either from a book or from my blog.

Here is how to submit:

  • Send me a Jpeg of your work to author.al.sant@gmail.com
  • include your name
  • the title if the piece
  • the medium it was created in (digital art, clay, oil paints, etc…)
  • your web address for your own personal webpage, blog, or facebook. (optional)

I will not share your work anywhere besides my website. The artwork is still 100% yours. I just want to encourage networking. I will post the image on my art gallery page, and include a link to you.

Just so you know, I do reserve the right to refuse to post something, with or without reason or notice.  I posted some of my own digital artwork to make the page interesting until I get the word out about including other artists.

Click on the image below to go to the art page where your work could be displayed.

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