I do not fear change,

Do not dread upheaval.

I do not consider

Some wanderlust evil.


It is stillness I fear;

Sameness upsets me.

A stagnated river

Halts life none to gently.


This pause lends me terror;

Uncertainty’s blinding.

I feel like I’m searching

With no hope of finding.


If upwards I climb

Or downwards I fall

So long as I’m moving

I’ve answers for all.

Just a Thought

The things that make us happy

Are not always crystal clear.

Through life we wander wondering

What we need to hold most dear.


We struggle to find a meaning

A purpose or a place.

A lot of emphasis is put

Not on the outcome, but on the chase.


But stop and look around you.

Tell yourself just what you see.

Are you running through life chasing?

Are you a living absentee?


There are moments that define us

Simple pleasures overlooked.

The space between the spaces

Where our happiness is hooked.


We should cherish every moment

Soak it in like terrycloth.

Bask in life’s pure wholeness,

Hug the light just like a moth.


Tell someone you love them.

Give someone your coins.

Learn to know the feeling

When your heart and sprit joins.


I was lost before you met me,

Long before you wandered in.

My mind a constant battle

that I could never really win.


Sometimes you soothed my heartache,

Sometimes I caused you yours.

You aimed to build me bridges

And I gave you only doors.


I was lost before you met me

And now I’m farther gone.

A lost and lonely island

No one left is counting on.

The Deep

I’m losing my light

Ungifting my spark

The bright in me drowning

In rivers of dark


The inky slick tendrils

Of blackness are winning

Deeper and deeper

My life is unspinning


Its dragging me under

I’m drifting apart

Losing my luster

For living and art


Down here too long

now the brightness is blinding

my hunger for flame

is steadily unwinding


the blackness is safer

can’t lose what I’ve lost

if I stay here forever

I won’t feel the cost.

Above all

When you are angry, be kind.

When you are hurt, smile.

When your heart is breaking, laugh.

You can’t control what the world will throw at you, but you can control how it will shape you.

In the face of darkness, be strong. Be brave.

That is how light can be found, and how it becomes a beacon to show the way.