What Did I do?!

I have been at this poetry thing for 42 days. Don’t ask my how many complete poems I have, I don’t want to answer. I have notes scrawled across various notebooks around my desk, as well as numerous lines in a word document reminding me to write the one about [insert vague idea here]. I have promised to keep you all apprised of my progress, and the update is: Dismal. I don’t want to talk about it.

No really, I don’t have time, so much work to do!


I’m still working at at, but boy am I behind. To distract you from my lack of progress, an earlier completed sample:


Keeping Up With Fay


I was never one to say

that I am superstitious.

But I have heard that many Fay

find human kind delicious.


A fairy you must not offend

by blocking off thier path.

But if you do, you can amend

with soaks in oatmeal bath.


To ward the evil Fay away

partake of St. Johns wort.

To keep the meddlesome at bay

Leave out red berry tort.


If you dearly love your kin

grant gifts of daisy chain.

For if you do so with a grin

Kidnapping is in vain.


Should they find you anyhow

keep near an iron rod.

This for Fay, I give my vow

airs threats of no facade.


Mark these simple Fay decrees

to have a happy home.

’tis nothing but a meager fee

In places Fay-kind roam.



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