My Foray into Create Space

Lately my sparse posts have been wrought with despair and self-doubt over my personal poetry challenge. Today, however, I am feeling pretty good about my progress.

I have been working on the formatting for Tilted Tales, the projected fruits of my poetry challenge. I decided to self-publish via Create Space, the Amazon powered self publishing company. They have some very helpful tools on formatting your book, if you are willing to hunt around a bit on their website.  I am entirely new to this process, so I am figuring it out as I go.  I have opted to go with the 5×9 book size because (as they so helpfully tell you) this is the most commonly published size, and the most widely distribute-able.  I am going with black and white pages, as I have opted not to bother with illustrations. Taking the time to do drawings would delay my collection indefinitely, because frankly I am a slow artist. I want to get this collection done and out there so I can go back to focusing on my novel. Besides, there is no rule that I can’t have an illustrated edition release later.

You can design your own cover art via Create Space, and I have opted to do so with my own original artwork. They offer artist services, but I cannot speak to any of it, since I am not in need of an artist.I played around with a few design ideas, before settling on my now complete cover. I went with a shadowed, simplistic design that hopefully is interesting and conveys the dark and whimsical style I have. The only thing I have left to do is adjust the spine size, based on the final page count.

They offer a Microsoft word template for the inside formatting of your book, and I downloaded that template. Today I completed my title page, my copyright page, my acknowledgements, and my about the author page. Then (giving myself a big pat on the back) I managed to be creative and write several poems. I am not caught up to where I want to be yet, but I am satisfied that I will have a full book ready for my December 12th deadline. I’m exceptionally proud that I have stayed motivated, even when it seemed like I was getting nowhere. I may or may not have the 150 poems I had intended on, but there will be more than enough for my first collection.

As always, I will keep you apprised of my progress. Happy Writing!



2 thoughts on “My Foray into Create Space

  1. It’s a couple days deep already, but have you considered doing NaNoWriMo? I thought about doing it in the past but never have gotten around to it.

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