A Birthday Present

Being something of a poet at times, I like to give people a poem written just for them instead of a greeting card on special occasions. If you have followed me all along, then you know I’m a bit of a gamer as well. My husband’s birthday was yesterday, and this is what I came up with for him.


The Nerdy Husband Poem


I want my husband dear to know

I have a tender spot for him.

To prove it I would travel

From the Shire to Skyrim.


With the power of the force

Even Yoda hasn’t seen

I love him to the moons

That still orbit tatooine.


If I could jump into the Tardis

I’d go to our wedding day

To repeat the proclamations

Of the vows I still would say.


I’m glad that he was spawned

Nearest to my starting point

because we chanced a meeting

And now we’re gaming joint.


Together we have seen

PS go from three to four

I pray every day I’m with him

We’ll both see seven more.


I’ll build with him in pixels

Till the day that I am ganked.

He’s tanking, so I’m safe here

Developers be thanked!


I know our family’s still in alpha

But the gaming’s twice as fun.

And everybody knows that

The pathching’s never done.


Happy birthday to my honey!

The anniversary of your birth

Is something that is valued

More than a Triforce worth.


I hope I made my point

Of just how much he means.

But if he doesn’t get it,

I’ll repeat it on dual screens.





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