Authors to Read

Today I would like to talk about two authors I know that have greatly inspired me. I think you might enjoy their work, too.

In my Monday writing group is an extremely talented Sci-Fi author named John Kelly. My personal favorite s is a collection of linked short stories, titled Stuck Here. In most of the stories it follows an alien stuck on earth until the world progresses enough to replace a broken space ship part.  At just under 200 pages I read most of it in one sitting. Admittedly I couldn’t put it down, even though half of the stories I had already had the pleasure of reading in group.  It can be purchased for your e reader at the low price of $0.99, or you can buy a paperback copy (which I did) at $7.65 HERE. You’ll be glad you did.

The second author I would like to share with you, reader, is Bob White.  He writes Police procedural books. I admit, I do not typically like crime thriller novels-But Bob’s writing style is so flawless that I am always riveted from the first paragraph through to the last captivating page. He already has something of a following, but just in case you are not aware of his genius, you can find his work on amazon HERE. Most of his books sell for the e reader at $2.99, or you can order paperbacks.

Not only are these two authors fantastic writers, they are awesome people. I look up to both of them, and greatly value their feedback each week on my own work. This is my way of giving them a salute, and offering my thanks for helping me believe in my own talents.

For those of you who dream of writing, I (again) urge you to find a local writing group. It honestly will help you become the best writer that you can be. Bonus, You get to rub shoulders with some pretty amazing and talented like-minded individuals.


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