Some Entertainment

Some of my best poetry comes out of an exercise I do to get over writers block, as I was telling you yesterday. I also do it when I need to vent frustration, and I don’t want to blow up at innocent bystanders. Here are two of those poems. I hope it will inspire you, or at the very least, entertain you.

The Master

I am a knight of language.

I am a painter of verbs.

I am a lord of lore.

I am a spinner of tales.


I am a novelist,

a poet,

a storyteller,

a wordsmith.


My pen can topple mountains.

My keys can make a King.

My thoughts destroy one world,

while my words build another.


I have sparked life into dragons,

and blown down castles tall.

I have birthed numbered races,

and contraptions no one knows.


My world is what I make it.

My visions what I choose.

My ideas make up pages.

Those pages form a path.


Come with me on my journey,

to long and far away.

Just open up to page three;

Meet the man who bears a mark.


Share in all his triumphs

and all his bumpy roads.

Lose yourself in places

you’ve never thought to go.


Fiction isn’t fake,

it’s only make believe.

The people there exist

in our hearts and minds and dreams.


Morality’s Yard Sale

Souls for sale, just fifty cent,

Former tenants skipped on rent.

Moral compasses from Kent,

Hardly used, slightly bent.


Golden halos in the box

Former owners in de-tox.

Closed up Hearts with sturdy locks

Traded in for shiny rocks.


I’m running low on decency,

Not so common here, you see.

But if you want a trusting key

Look no further, I’ve got three!


I’m overrun with useless things,

All sold out of what it brings.

I take in trade for shiny rings

the attributes that give you wings.


I’ll take rare items, buy or trade

But only if they are home-made.

I’ll give you highs for mortgage paid

To a dealer’s profits made.


What’s repossessed is on the rack

Easily enough  bought back

If you can muster up the knack

To use the strength you used to lack.


But hey, can you resist my charm?

My brazen claws make no alarm.

Still you’ll come with open arm

No matter how I do you harm.


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