The Adventurous booger

The Adventurous Booger

by A.L. Sant

adventurous booger

There once was a blob who lived up a nose

Who wanted to roam beyond fingers and toes.

Trapped in the nose-cave of a young boy

Who managed to thwart his every slip ploy,

Our noble green booger oft tried to sneak out,

But then the boy snuffled him back up his snout.

Our booger would dream of seeing the sun,

Of making new friends and having some fun.

But every trek down would end in a sniff,

His brief glace of freedom, hardly a whiff.

Frustrated, tired, and fearing defeat,

He tried one last move before his retreat.

The booger reached up to the hairs overhead,

And gave one a yank ‘till it hung by a thread.

The boy sucked in air, once, and then twice,

And the booger pulled hard, this time more precise.

The boy held his breath, then shouted “Aachoooo!”

That finally did it! The booger was through!

He sailed through the air like a bird in the sky.

He knew he could do it, if given a try!

Finally free, and finally airborne

The view was much better than he would have sworn.

He landed inside an old lady’s eye

Who greeted the boy as he passed right by.

The booger saluted his new goopy friends,

Who clung to the sides of her thick reading lens.

The green booger then lived happily after,

Outside his nose cave, among friends and laughter.


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