Let’s Get Serious

As you know, I have been working towards making a living as a writer. To do this, I have come to accept the fact that I must have web presence, social media, and a professional look. With my second book on the horizon, it’s time to get serious and start really promoting myself. This week has been all about that.

I got in touch with an artist friend of mine, K. Swartfager at Nitsirk’s Grotto, and commissioned the cover for Fayling. She was also gracious enough to do a sketch of me, which I am using on my webpage and business cards. I decided to design a custom card. I’m hoping it is a bit more memorable, plus it never hurts to be unique.

My business card
My business card

I already had a facebook account, but I have not been present on twitter. At the urging of another author friend, I got an account. Surprisingly, I’m having fun with that.

But the big reveal, and the professional edge I am most excited to announce, is my new webpage, authoralsant.com. Click the pic below to visit my page.

webpage screenshot

What are you working on, reader? Tell me in the comments below.

Happy writing!


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