Express Mail: North Pole

All right reader, I know I’ve been all-consumed with my book, and seriously neglecting my blog updates. Well Nevermore! Okay, that’s probably not true. I’m certain some other project will ensnare me, and off I will be again to neglectful blogger land. But until that spark flies, I have prepared for your reading pleasure, a poetic letter to Santa Claus. Enjoy!


Express mail: North Pole     


Oh Chris Kringle, Santa Claus,

Please bring me some tiny paws!

A fuzzy tail that waggles fro,

So I, too, can HO HO HO.

A little nose cold and wet,

I’ll go with ‘em to the vet!

I’ll buy kibble and a bowl

please come make my young heart whole.

Santa please bring me a dog,

I promise I won’t be a hog.

I’ll stop burning sister’s hair.

I’ll play tag the right way, fair.

Please, oh please, I want a mutt!

I won’t kick my brother’s butt.

I know the eve’s a ways away,

But could you come without delay?

With a dog I’ll never pout

If dear old Ma serves a sprout.

Hurry, hurry eight reindeer,

She’s cooking broccoli in here!

I send this wish most sincere,

Sent from me, coal list last year.



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