Personal Poetry Challenge Check In

*For those of you just tuning in, I have challenged myself to write 150 poems in 90 days, the result of which I intend to publish.


I keep falling behind on my challenge, despairing that I have set an impossible goal.  I start counting how many poems I am behind, freak out, and then produce some of my best work to date- catching up all at once.

So if the challenge was measured day to day, I would totally fail. I’m supposed to write 1.66 poems a day. But alas, I set the challenge end at 90 days, so I don’t have to be measured until December 12th. If you add up all my completed poems to date, I am right on track (never-you-mind the fact that 8 of them were written today). Yay for me! If I didn’t keep blabbing on my blog about falling behind, nobody would ever know I am anything but blindingly awesome.

I’d rather you know the truth. I am a procrastinating over-achiever. You figure that one out.


So as a treat for following along with my crazy challenge, here is my attempt at a Haiku-yes it totally counts as a poem. I looked it up. No, not all of the poems I completed are Haiku. Most are about a page long, and a few are two pages. One is even three and a half.

Hope you enjoy my style, I will check back in when I have something worth saying.


Unicorn Haiku

Unicorns are great.

Raise them from tiny babies.

Delicious in stew.






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