Poetry Project Update

I am exited to be holding in my hand a proof copy of our collected poetry project. I have submitted my final corrections, and we expect to have to book finished and in print very soon. On October 25th we will be attending a local library event to introduce our book to our community.

The book is called: A Tapestry of Verse. Our little group decided to call ourselves the Word Weavers Guild. Our collected works have been edited by John Kelly, a wonderful poet and capable editor. I had the delightful privilege of creating the cover art. As soon as it receives final approval, I will include a link.

I have really enjoyed working with my fellow poets to put something in print. Seeing my name in the copyright page has really inspired me to move forward with my other projects. There are times when I feel I am not qualified to be a published author. Who am I to rub shoulders with the likes of other esteemed writers, who can claim more accomplishments in one year than I have been able to claim in my entire life? But seeing it done reminds me that it is possible, and that every author has to begin somewhere. I hope my shared experience encourages you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). If you have the heart of a writer, the skills can be learned. Feed your inner author!



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