Children’s Story Update

I spoke with a representative of Archway publishing in order to understand how to proceed with my children’s storybook. I made a firm decision about doing my own artwork, and have been stockpiling supplies to create the scenes for each page.

Originally I thought to aim for a Christmas publication, but the publishers deadline for this is September first. I could probably finish by then, but I don’t want to rush the project. It is my first attempt at this style of artwork, and I don’t want to add the stress of a short deadline; so I am instead aiming at an Easter publication. This will work out just fine, since there are rabbits in my story, and I will be sure the quality of the work is the best it can be.

This leads me into my next dilemma; I like the idea of going through a major publisher with a package that includes marketing, an ISBN number, and taking care of the copyright,  not to mention publishing on 12 different platforms. But the package that suits my needs best is about $5,000. That is a lot of money to me. I don’t exactly have that lying around in my couch cushions. My husband suggested a program called Kickstarter- I’m sure you’ve heard of the potato salad guy. If that guy can get funding, who wouldn’t an adorable children’s book get funding? The publishing representative said that about half of the authors who try to get funded this way are successful. I figure I don’t have anything to lose in trying, so I will keep you posted on that. I’m working on getting a profile together to launch my Kickstarter project, as well as working on proof of my concept. I assume people won’t invest in something if they don’t know I can do it. As soon as that goes live I will provide a link.

Wish me luck, and let me know what projects you have going on. I’m always excited to encourage fellow writers/artists.


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