Sneak Peek

I have mentioned my novel several times on my blog so far, but I have not mentioned any details about it beyond the fact that it is in the Urban Fantasy genre. This is partially because I don’t want to give anything away before I have finished writing said novel. It is also because the details in the middle of my novel are not completely ironed out, so any give-aways I did let slip may not end up in the finished book anyway. What I do have, for those of you who are interested, is a poem I have written about one of the characters in my book. One of the exercises I do when I feel stuck is to write poetry about my characters. This piece was born of one such exercise, and I liked it so much it made it’s way into the  novel.


The Queen of Black Hearts

Tremble ye before her

Mighty queen of old

Otherland’s a warner

For those who grew too bold


Reaper, tot, and troll

Lost amongst her prey

Careful now, she’ll eat your soul

Our mistress of the Fay


Come to Crystal Castle tall

A casket for the many

A challenge sent to all

Games not won by any


Play at it, you will

At her least desire

Losing to her thrill

Then cast into the mire


Fly away you silly twit

Circumvent her wrath

She’ll crush you like a teeny nit

Your blood drawn for her bath


Careful now, she’ll eat your soul

Our mistress of the Fay

Head down, know your role

Survive another day


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