Ode to the Console

Aside from being a writer, I also proudly claim the title of gamer. When I go days without posting anything, it is very likely that I have a new game, or DLCs for a much beloved game. Or I have actually been working on that novel I’m always talking about. But it’s more likely the gaming thing. . .  Who doesn’t like it when the line between our hobbies blur? Here is a piece I wrote as a tribute to my gamer chick side.


Ode to the Console 


Today must be a lazy day;

I feel it in my bones.

I hear the gamer’s call to play

in 8-bit midi tones.

The imprint in my chair

is finally squished just right,

prepared to aim my stare

at that mesmerizing light.

I’ve got all my snacks,

noms pre-packed in salt

arranged ‘round me in stacks-

don’t judge, it’s not my fault

my game system won’t pause

when in online play;

I’ll end up in death’s jaws

if I have to A-F-K.

If my boss should call,

Tell him that I’m sick.

Don’t mention at all

I think that he’s a prick.

If he says I’m fired

If I don’t come right in,

Tell him I retired,

meaning to quit I’ve been.

I heard you can make bank

Playing with the pros.

I make an epic tank

When my console hasn’t froze.

How long ‘til my pop stores cease?

In ounces, sixty-four.

Hours ‘till the new release?

ten and seven more.




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