Intro to Lady Ashmo

I have been a “writer” as long as I have been able to hold a pen in my hand, and my love of storytelling goes back farther than that. Some of my oldest memories are of chasing my dad around with a book, begging him to sit down a read to me. When nobody had time, I made up stories of my own. My writing has evolved with time and experience, as well as technology. Some people may say you have to earn the title of a writer, but I follow the philosophy (as do many other folks I know) that you are a writer once you commit your individual thoughts to paper (or a screen, as the fancy strikes you).  My personal passion lies in fantasy storytelling. I love  magic, the unbelievable, and the yet unexplored.

It is my intention to use this blog to talk about fantastical storytelling in all it’s many facets, though I do not promise to stay on topic. From game story lines, to TV series’, to books-including my own foray into novel writing. I will offer advice on creating worlds and characters of your own, and I will share with you any issues and ideas I come across along the path to my novel’s completion.

You may ask, “Lady Ashmo, if you are an aspiring novelist, why would you start a blog?”

What an insightful question, Reader!

My dear brother, Izlain has been a blogger since before it was called blogging. He is a member of a really awesome group called The Newbie Blogger Initiative. This is a group of bloggers that are encouraging other bloggers or bloggers-to-be to, well, blog. BLOG! He knows how much I love writing, and he thought I would be able to contribute to the online community. So here we are, and I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Until next time,

Ashmo out.


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